Here are Some Reasons Your AC is Blowing Hot Air

When the temperature is rising, you need to be able to count on cool comfort inside your home. But what if your AC is blowing hot air instead of cool air?

There are a number of reasons that this could be happening. Some are an easy fix, but in some cases you may need the assistance of a professional.

Here are some reasons why your AC unit might be acting up.

flipped-switchUmmm is it On?

Guess what?

A lot of homeowners don’t remember to turn their thermostat from heat to cool when summer arrives.

Talk about an easy fix! Ensure that the AC unit is switched on.

Leaking Coolant

Your AC requires lubrication from a refrigerant to blow cool air.

There are situations in which this coolant will leak out like your system is damaged somehow.

If this is the culprit, you’ll need a professional to attend to it.

Breaker has Flipped

When power needs are high in your home in the summer, it isn’t unusual for your electrical breaker to trip, which will stop your AC from blowing hot air.

Check that the breaker isn’t in the off position. If so, just turn it back to “on”.

What is the Thermostat set at?

You might be tempted to drop your thermostat down to cool your home in a hurry on an extra hot day.

Unfortunately, doing this can actually have the opposite effect.frozen

Dropping the thermostat too far too fast can cause your AC to freeze.

When this happens, your AC will not generate or disburse cold air, replacing it with warm air coming from the motor.

To avoid this from happening, keep your thermostat at a steady 72°F.

If your unit is indeed frozen, shut it off and wait a couple of hours for things to thaw out.

When you turn it back on, you should be good to go.

Debris Around Condenser

Is there anything in or around your condenser outside?

This can interfere with air flow and with your unit’s ability to blow cool air.

Get in the habit of making sure that the areas around your condenser are clear.

Dirty Filter

When’s the last time you changed your filter?

If it is dirty, you are impeding the flow of cool air. Change it and see if that makes a difference.