Beverly Ductless Mini Split AC System Repair and Installation Services

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ductless mini split ac system services

More and more of our customers in Beverly, MA are choosing to install ductless mini split AC systems in their homes to help control temperature and humidity levels in areas which aren’t connected to their HVAC system. These handy little units have a variety of benefits, and the team of experts at All Services Group, Inc are happy to visit your home to provide you with a free quote and explain how you may benefit from installing one.

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What are the Advantages of Ductless Mini Split AC System Installation Service?

  • Flexible systems. Ductless mini split AC systems don’t have air ducts, which means they can be easily installed in almost any area of your home.
  • Improved energy savings. These units require significantly less energy to run than your home’s cooling system, meaning that ductless mini split ac installation can be an energy-efficient way to stay comfortable while saving money.
  • Get customized control. Some family members may want their rooms to be colder than the rest of the house, and a ductless mini split AC system is the perfect way to offer more temperature control throughout your house.
  • Easily install multiple units. Each unit you install throughout your home comes with its own thermostat, which makes it easier to control the temperature in individual zones.

Things to Keep in Mind When Using These Systems

If you find that your unit has stopped providing you with the appropriate temperature, there may be an issue with the compressor inside the condensing unit. Other issues may arise with a broken fan motor, which can begin to wear out after heavy use.

One of our technicians can easily diagnose the cause of your unit’s problems, so give us a call for a professional ductless mini split ac system inspection as soon as you notice that something is wrong.

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