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Have you ever turned on the shower only to feel the uncomfortable sting of cold water? It’s certainly not a pleasant way to wake up in the morning, but it can be a common occurrence when you’re using a traditional tank-based water heater in your Beverly, MA home. If you’re tired of dealing with your aging water heater, then investing in a modern, efficient tankless water heater may be the best choice for you. Ask your plumbing expert from All Services Group, Inc about how we can help install one for you and ensure that you always have hot water whenever you need it.

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Why Should You Go Tankless?

We’re proud to offer tankless water heater technology to our customers, which is an exciting new way to guarantee that you never go without hot water again.

Tankless water heaters are more efficient than traditional water heaters because they heat water only as it is needed, instead of storing a reserve of water and heating it constantly throughout the day so that it is ready for you to use. This means that even if you aren’t at home, the tank is still using energy to heat the stored water, which puts a strain on your plumbing system and can cause your energy bills to rise.

When you use a tankless system it heats the water only as you need it, making it an “on demand” water heater which can save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs.

How Do Tankless Units Work?

Traditional tank-based water heaters use a central tank to store and heat water. That means when the water in the tank is depleted, it will take time for a new reserve of water to be heated and ready for use.

When you install a tankless unit, it will heat water as you need it, passing the cold water through filters which heat it to the desired temperature. This way you never have to worry about running out of hot water, because tankless water heaters offer an endless supply.

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