Air Quality

Issues With not Having Your Ducts Cleaned

You may be aware that your indoor air quality can either enhance or harm your health. But have you given much thought to what can influence the quality of the air?

Over time, dust and debris inevitably builds up your air ducts. This interferes with airflow, making your system work harder than it has to.

If you’ve got a lot of build-up in your vents, impure particles may even be traveling through the ducts and blowing back through the vents into your home.

This can contribute to health problems, especially if you are prone to allergies (asthma or sinus), and respiratory infections. Here is how you can protect yourself.

When Should I Get my Ducts Cleaned?

It is recommended that you get your ducts cleaned on a maintenance basis every couple of years. However, there are certain situations that warrant an immediate cleaning.

If you spot mold growth in the ducts or vents, if you’ve had vermin infestation or if you’ve recently done construction/renovations, you’ll want to schedule a cleaning right away.

More Sinus Infections

Your nasal passages work to collect harmful particles from the air before you inhale them into your lungs.

If your air quality is reduced, as it is with dirty air ducts, there are more undesirable particles in the air.

This is irritating to your nasal passages and to your throat. The result can be sinus infections, which can hurt a lot and take a while to resolve.

For Asthma and Allergy Suffers

If you’ve got an asthmatic or an allergy sufferer in your family, you may already be very diligent in taking steps to reduce the presence of allergens in the house.

Frequent vacuuming and laundering of bedding and clothing can help diminish the impact of allergies.

However, if you’ve got a buildup of dirt and debris in your air ducts, allergens are going to continue to gather and circulate.

What’s even more troublesome is if you have a pet. Their hair and dander tends to gather inside ductwork. These conditions can trigger an allergic reaction or asthma attack.

More Respiratory Ailments

If you are prone to coughs and colds, have you wondered why? It might be because your dirty air ducts are harboring bacteria and viruses. Get your ducts cleaned and eliminate that threat to your family’s health.