Reliable AC Repairs & Installations in Manchester-by-the-Sea

Struggling without reliable AC isn’t fun for anyone, but finding a good AC company to help can take off some of the burden. Calling All Services Group, Inc for your cooling needs means peace of mind for you. Contact us at (978) 236-8000 to schedule service and be sure to mention our coupons.

Smart homeowners in Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA know how important it is to keep their AC working properly especially during the summer. High heat and humidity can cause your air conditioner to work harder than it does the rest of the year and if not properly maintained, it can fail on you.

At All Services Group, Inc we understand the struggle and we’re here to help you with all of your cooling needs. From AC maintenance to repairs and full air conditioner installations, you’ll always receive a personalized solution to meet your needs.

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To Repair or Replace Your AC?

That’s the question. If you’re unsure whether you need AC repair or replacement, there are a few rules of thumb to help guide you. If your cooling system is more than 15 years old and has gone through many repairs, or needs a major repair, then replacement is likely the most cost-efficient option.

However, if your air conditioner is still fairly new and just needs a couple repairs, then repairing it should be your best option. Our expert technicians will always guide you in your decision and help you make the right choice depending on your situation.

Keep Your Home Cool and Comfortable with Scheduled AC Maintenance

Are you considering investing in AC maintenance? If so, you’re already halfway to lowering your cooling costs and extending the life of your air conditioner. When you choose All Services Group, Inc for your AC maintenance, you’ll receive an annual check up and cleaning in addition to a full range of other benefits including replacement components if necessary, a one-year warranty on all repairs, and you’ll pay absolutely no diagnostic fees on repairs.

Quality Cooling Solutions in Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA

  • AC Repairs & Maintenance
  • AC Installations & Replacements
  • Ductless Mini Split AC Systems

Call (978) 236-8000 to start discussing your needs today and be on your way to a more comfortable home.