Beat the Summer Heat with These AC Tips

Spring is winding down in Beverly, and that means that things are soon going to heat up as summer gets into full swing. We’re looking at another season of sun, heat, and humidity, so you should get your home and your cooling systems ready for it.

If you have central air conditioning, then you’re already set for a cooler, convenient environment at home, but you should take precautions.

Your unit hasn’t been used extensively in months, so a little preparation now ensures smooth operation for the rest of the summer when you need it.

Check Your Condenser

For owners of a central AC system, the condenser is a familiar sight.

It’s the large unit that sits outside the home, consisting of a fan and coolant mechanisms that draw in air, cool it down, and pump it throughout your residence.condensor

That means that it has a lot of open space to make sure that good air flow is established.

That also means, however, that a lot of extra dirt and detritus can get into the unit.

This is especially true if you have trees on your property or other vegetation that sheds leaves.

Take a quick look at your condenser and clear it out if you see a build-up.

If you see dirt or other contaminants accumulating on other components, such as the cooling coils, wash those off too.

Replace Your Filter

This is an easy activity to perform, and it’s both essential for the continued operation of your AC, as well as a way to protect or even add more filtercomfort to your household.

The basic function of the filter is to act as a screen, trapping and holding contaminants in the air.

These contaminants would otherwise circulate throughout your home, impeding AC efficiency and posing a possible health risk.

But beyond just providing a safer environment from contamination, filters can also help your home to smell better.

With the right filter, cooking, pet odors, and even pipe/cigar smoke can be more effectively diminished, but only if you take the time to replace the filter.

Use Your Thermostat Effectively

People in older homes with older thermostats may want to upgrade to a modern thermostat, if for no other reason than they are more accurate with temperature readings, and easier to

They also add more functionality, as old thermostats could do just one thing; turn on and stay on at the set temperature.

If you have a new thermostat but haven’t been taking full advantage of its features, now may be the time to learn.

You can pre-program a thermostat to work at set temperatures during the day.

So if no one is home in the afternoons, the thermostat can raise the AC’s threshold for activation to a higher temperature, so it won’t run while there’s no one to benefit.

Then, in the time it takes for people to come home, it starts cooling the house down.